I feel confident while sharing that ARL remains on course to become a world-class 3rd party inspection & certification organization.  Over the last two decades, we have maintained a leading position in a competitive regional market.  This has been made possible by our entrepreneurial spirit, living up to commitments and unstinted support of the stakeholders.

Our emergence as a CMC Contractor is aligned with a vision of progressing up the value chain to a sustainable extent.  This process of development shall remain under focus during the coming years.  For us what matters most is customer satisfaction which we have to balance against our growth pattern.  At the heart of all operations remain our team members who have the spirit to push boundaries and of fostering a culture of accepting challenges.

In the coming years, we will continue to reinforce our successful track record.  New contracts shall translate into improved efficiency by re-mapping our internal processes using latest tools.  The challenges in the market continue but we look at them as opportunities to make ourselves better.

Our achievements have been hard-earned and what we have learnt has immense value in terms of organizational growth.  It is a matter of pride that the ARL badge differentiates us from the ordinary.  I pay tribute to our teams at every level for being a part of the ARL family.

 Rizwan Ali 

Chief Executive Officer